Launi Meili

Hall of Fame

Date of birth:



Cheney, Washington

Olympic Experience:

  • Olympic Medalist - Gold, 1992
  • Olympic Records - 3 individual
  • U.S. Olympic Festivals - 2 individual wins


Launi Meili began sport shooting in the sixth grade while living in Cheney. The young sportswoman at first didn't have the Olympics as a goal, and just enjoyed shooting with her local club.

Meili attended the University of Idaho, and continued shooting throughout her collegiate career and began her time with the U.S. National Team.

Over the course of her career, Meili spent ten years as an active participant with the team, and worked as a youth coach and Assistant National Coach from 1997-2000. While working as an Assistant Coach, Meili helped develop the International Coach Certification Program, the highest certification to still exist within the shooting sports realm.

Meili went on to coach the University of Nebraska women's rifle team, and currently coaches the United States Air Force Academy in rifle. Meili also enjoys aerobics and nutrition, and loves instructing both.

Competition Highlights:

  • UIT/ISSF Medals - 8 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze
  • World Championships - 1 team (1990)
  • World Cups - 5 individual wins
  • World Cup Finals - Gold, 1988 Air Rifle
  • World Records - 1 individual